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ABI Community is a collaboration of programs, trainings, workshops, resources, and supports that has grown around the All Born (in) movement and our annual Cross-Disability Best-Practices Educational Inclusion Conference.

ABI is a program of NW Disability Support.

Upcoming Events

Community Drop-In Support • Every Thursday

Guided Meditation & Healing • November 18, 2020

Guided Meditation & Healing • December 2, 2020

Winter Social • December 6, 2020 • Save the Date

Guided Meditation & Healing • December 16, 2020


World Down Syndrome Day • March 21, 2021

Adult Transition Summit: College & Career Success for All • April 16, 2021 

All Born (in) Conference • April 17, 2021

Bike First! • Date TBD

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The latest from the blog...

Estamos muy contentos de poder compartir este video que realizamos con mucho esfuerzo, en colaboración con otros líderes comunitarios que al igual que nuestra organización trabajan muy duro para brindar apoyo, información y abogacía a nuestra comunidad Hispana/Latina que experimenta discapacidades intelectuales/desarrollo y con el patrocinio a través de fondos que nos fueron otorgados de la Autoridad de Salud de Oregón.

Measure 26-215 calls for a landmark commitment of funds to support a vital inflection point at Portland Public Schools and creates a thoughtful investment in both physical buildings that are more accessible and safer as well as equipped for the 21st century needs of all students.

We ask you to vote yes for the bond as do our young people. Their voices can be heard here in the “Disability Rights are Civil Rights; Vote Yes on Measure 26-215 PPS Bond“ video created by members of our Social Justice Youth Group. Our youth are concerned about disability justice and we as an organization celebrate all the pieces of the bond package as disability and belonging means much more than just physical access to a school.

Daniel Jarvis Holland, a graduate of Benson Tech who studied media and experiences Down syndrome, writes in the voter’s pamphlet this statement, “Kids with disabilities and without should be able to go to school. Grandmas and volunteers, teachers with disabilities should be able to go into any school. When we go in the school teach all students all disabilities all races. We all belong. Instead of talking about equity VOTE for this bond.”

Board members, Michael Bailey and Mike Rosen, recognize the unanimous decision by the Portland Public School Board to earmark funds in the November bond and the years of advocacy by Angela Jarvis-Holland, Executive Director. This is a good step towards equity and improving education for all students. NW Disability Support (All Born (in) and Northwest Down Syndrome Association) are supporting this bond and will be sharing more information.

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