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ABI Community is a collaboration of programs, trainings, workshops, resources, and supports that has grown around the All Born (in) movement and our annual Cross-Disability Best-Practices Educational Inclusion Conference.

ABI is a program of NW Disability Support.

Upcoming Events

Community Drop-In Support • Every Thursday

Mindful Mondays • Every Other Monday

Dual Diagnosis Parent Support Group • First Sunday of Every Month


World Down Syndrome Day • March 21, 2021

Bike First! • Date TBD

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The latest from the blog...

Our WA families are heavy on hearts right now. We are working with The Arc of WA State, WA DD Council, and other advocacy organizations to support advocacy efforts to prioritize COVID vaccination for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Washington state.

It’s been almost a year since students across Oregon started online learning. It has been difficult and, in some cases impossible, to translate special education services to virtual platforms. Students with disabilities have missed out on things such as physical therapy and speech therapy, as well as the accommodations that ensure they receive a free, appropriate public education.

Today, Talk Out Loud heard from our own Maria Rangel, Bilingual Outreach Coordinator, and mother of three school-aged children, including a daughter who experiences Down Syndrome, and Tom Stenson, deputy legal director for Disability Rights Oregon.

Take a listen to hear about Maria's experience and Tom's thoughts on compensatory education.

We have been immersed in COVID-19 education and outreach!

It’s been a big area of our work the last few months.

We are grateful for our partnership with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the work we’ve done collaborating with partners.

We want you to know we are right here with you.

The pandemic has been hard and we want to hear from you about your experience with access to COVID-19 information and the vaccine.

Your voice matters to us!

Can you please fill out our COVID-19 survey?



We are hoping the information you provide will be useful in Oregon and Washington.

This quick survey should only take about 3 to 5 minutes and will help inform our work to push for improvement, access, and responsiveness to our very real needs.

Your feedback and comments are important!

It's our pleasure to support families and bring best practice information to our community.

~ NW Disability Support Team

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