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ABI Community is a collaboration of programs, trainings, workshops, resources, and supports that has grown around the All Born (in) movement and our annual Cross-Disability Best-Practices Educational Inclusion Conference.

ABI is a program of NW Disability Support.

Upcoming Events

Youth Age 14-16 Media Art & Tech Camp
August 13 & 14 -- Applications are closed

Buddy Fest NW Virtual Celebration presented on Facebook & YouTube
SAVE THE DATE! Oct 2 • 1-2 PM

Dual Diagnosis Parent Support Group • First Sunday of Every Month

Community Drop-In Support will return in the fall

Mindful Mondays will return in the fall

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The latest from the blog...

As of March 9, 2021, the discriminatory, expanded Public Charge rule is permanently BLOCKED, and is no longer in effect anywhere in the United States. Now, immigrants can safely get public benefits that support their health, nutrition, and housing without fear of impact on their immigration status.

A partir del 9 de marzo del 2021, la regla discriminatoria y ampliada sobre la Carga Pública está permanentemente BLOQUEADA, y ya no está en vigor en ninguna parte de los Estados Unidos. Ahora, los inmigrantes pueden obtener de forma segura los beneficios públicos que apoyan su salud, nutrición y vivienda sin temor a que su estatus migratorio se vea afectado.

Will, one of the first students to complete the College and Community Studies program at PSU, and staff member at NWDSA/ABI reflects on his transition and college experience.

NW Disability Support supports House Bill 2590 in Oregon and is pleased to see effort around identifying root causes of underrepresentation in higher education and steps toward remedies occurring. To be sure HB 2590 is inclusive, a wording amendment to the bill is requested.

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