If you’re passionate about social issues, you have a voice. If you enjoy music, painting, dancing, making videos, or any type of creative expression, you can use your voice for change.

The Social Justice Youth Program seeks to engage young adults in the movement towards an inclusive civil society for all individuals. It is an opportunity for young adults with and without disabilities to learn how their voice and art can be meaningful tools for change.

Find your unique artistic voice—any medium, any message.

This is a year-long program with monthly meet-ups and activities (which may include visits to City Hall or an art gallery, meeting with a social activist or presenting your art piece at an event). We have an annual Social Justice Youth Summer Camp in Portland, which is coordinated and run by the group and includes a wide array of activities and learning sessions focusing on topics such as inclusion, mental health, sexuality, making a music video, advocacy, media, and much more.

Who are the Social Justice Youths?

A group of self-advocates, siblings and friends age 16-25 who envision a better tomorrow for everyone.

focus of the program

Address issues the youths are most interested in (not just disability). Topics include race, immigration, inequity, sexuality, ableism, environmentalism, civil and human rights, animal rights, and lots more. 

Program activities

Volunteering, attending seminars, interactive meetings and a weekend-long, fully-inclusive summer camp at Portland State University. 

This program requires a year-long commitment

The program kicks off every year with summer camp, followed by monthly meetings. These monthly meet ups may include a visit to city hall or an art gallery, meeting with a social activist or presenting your art piece at an event. All campers will display and/or present their social justice projects at the All Born(in) Conference.

Who can join?

Individuals 16-25 years old who are passionate about an equitable world.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Program, or working with them as a mentor, please get in touch by calling the Resourcefulness Center at (503) 238-0522 or emailing SJYP@abicommunity.org

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Emma Frome and Dan Jarvis-Holland attended their first advocacy rally with us as small children 18 years ago in Salem as we protested cuts to Early Intervention.

Angela mentioned that she happened to have a bucket of chalk in the trunk of the car. They stopped, got out, and drew in giant letters the words “Free Our People” where Fairview's sign used to be. Dan wrote “kind”, “love”, and “never again”.

The camp broke new ground in creating a powerful alliance with a strong belief in the importance of belonging.

Press About the Social Justice Youth Program

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