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Presenting 24 Portraits of Women who Lead Oregon’s Non Profits

Three years ago, Artist Theresa Weil was ready to create a large body of artwork showing a technique she had created. For some time she had also been looking for a way to give back to the community by inspiring young women to become leaders. This all came together when she decided to create uniquely crafted portraits to honor a group of women who lead nonprofits across our state. She says, ”Just painting them would have been the obvious way to approach this project. But I thought the effort I put into these should be a greater reflection of the deep dedication of each of these women…so I have spent many months, meticulously creating each one using only cut paper. As the project came together, I thought of the interviews I had done with them, their openness, and how hard they work doing what they love. I didn’t want to take the easy way out in delivering that message.

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