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City of Portland Adaptive Bicycle Pilot Project Wants to Hear from You!

Are you or someone close to you interested in bicycling, but due to ability or preference find you are unable to use a conventional bicycle?

Please take our survey:

At the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) we are committed to increasing access to bicycles for people of all ages and abilities. Currently, we’re working to develop a pilot project for the rental of adaptive bicycles as part of our recently launched BIKETOWN bike share program. The pilot project concept is focused on bicycle rentals (1-3 hours) for people with disabilities and/or folks unable to use two-wheeled BIKETOWN bicycles.

At this time, the intent is to focus on adaptive bicycle rentals through existing rental businesses located on or in close proximity to multi-use trails; like the Eastbank Esplanade and the Springwater Corridor Trail. Types of adaptive bicycles include, hand cycles, three-wheeled trikes and side-by-side tandems, which are all currently being considered for the pilot project.

But before we develop the program further, we need to hear from you! It is very important to PBOT that the project be developed with the users in mind, and therefore we want you to have an active role in the project development. We developed a survey to facilitate this step of the process. This survey is intended to help the project team and the stakeholder workgroup to more fully develop the pilot process. It seeks information about preference of bicycle type, desired routes, whether folks like to ride alone or in groups and other issues that will help in shaping this pilot project.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and input: Adaptive Bicycle Pilot Project Survey.
Next Steps

Project development and planning will continue through spring 2017 with a stakeholder workgroup and a community workshop. The target date for the launch of the Adaptive Bicycle Pilot Project is summer 2017.

Learn More

You can stay informed on the process by visiting the project website here: or contact Liz Hormann, or 503-823-5086

About this Project

In summer 2016, PBOT attended the Adaptive Bicycle Clinic, Wheel Connect (an event sponsored by Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection), and Incight’s Summer HandCycling Series. Staff interviewed a number of people with disabilities about an adaptive bicycling rental service.

The pilot concept is based on interviews with Portlanders using mobility devices that expressed an interest in an adaptive bicycling rental service. Individuals with disabilities interviewed almost universally expressed a desire and/or need for a staffed service. Individuals explained their need for personal wheelchair storage and assistance with fitting, the need or desire for staff assistance to move between their mobility device and the adaptive bicycle. Because of safety concerns of riding in auto traffic, and a primary interest in exercise and recreation, people wanted to use adaptive bicycles to ride on trails or paths without motor vehicles.

At this time, the intent is to focus on adaptive cycle rentals through existing bike rental businesses located on or in close proximity to non-motorized trails. PBOT is considering providing both hand bicycles and three wheeled bicycles.

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