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My Life has been like team sports, by Daniel Jarvis-Holland

By Daniel Jarvis Holland, Freshman at Benson High School

My family is a great team. They take care of me and teach me things. I take care of my family classmates and teachers. I love them, my school is part of my family.

I like the Trailblazers, they are great at defense and they protect each other. Everyone has an important role and they support each other. They always stay together.

Magic Johnson was a great team player. He could help by making everyone around him better Sometimes his teams won and sometimes they lost, but they worked together. Magic was on the 1992 Olympic “dream team, that won the gold . Every family can be a dream team.

Teams and families spend a lot of time together. They have to work hard to support each other and be patient with each other. Sometimes they get mad at each other, but they also get to have fun with each other this is part of growing closer and building bonds.

Teams work because everyone on a team has different strengths and weaknesses. Each person compliments each other , which helps build a good team. We are all different races, sizes and ages but a community is one big family.

The best thing about teams and families is they have shown me that it is always better to be together .

I have a lot of dreams for my future the same as my friend Emma,

I want to make videos. I want a girlfriend, I want to learn more, I WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE.

Then have a job or my own business, a coffee shop and cartooning space and gallery.

I will need more people on my team to make this happen.

When we are all part of a team we can take care of each other and be stronger.

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