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Jacob Lattanzi - 2013 Buddy Walk Self-Advocate / Speaker

Before I tell you about myself and things I like to do; I want to say thank you to my family and friends for all of the love and help they give me. I grew up in Camas and graduated from Camas High School. I have a nice house in Camas – someday I will get a roommate. I work at Furuno in Camas. I have worked at Furuno for 8 years. I have a lot of friends at work and I like when I get paid. My Dad helps me manage my money. I play ping pong with my Dad at lunch every day, sometimes I let him win. I love vacation days. When I have vacation, I like to go to Seaside or walk to downtown Camas. I have a great team at my work that supports me, Brad, Greg, Francine and Anna my job coach. I ride the C-Tran bus to work in the morning at 6:00 and I ride the bus home at 3:00 every day. Things I love to do: My family and friends give me lots of support, that’s why I can do so many things. I love to eat New York pizza with my best friend Dean. Watching WWE and eating pizza is even better. I learned from my trainer Andrea that I have to eat balanced meals, not too much pizza! Andrea meets with me every month, we talk about carbs, protein, how much I weigh and my workout. Uncle Buck works out at the Club with me. Don’t tell Andrea we go to Red Robin after our workout. I love to do things with my family and friends. I like to watch Days of our Lives with my sister Allison and UFC fights with my brother Casey. I love to watch TV shows and play PS2 games. My nephews Austin and Nolan come to my house for dinner every Thursday. My nephew Richie and me get together every Tuesday, Richie is helping me learn how to make dinner by myself. I love making dinner and going to movies with my Mom. My best friend Jeremy likes to go to Blazers games with me. My best friend Sam takes me to see WWE at the Rose Garden and comes to my house to watch WWE on TV. I’m lucky to have a so many best friends.

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