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Reflections from 2010 Kindergarten Cohort Graduates

Cohort members from the class of 2010 found the experience to be incredibly helpful and well worth the investment of time. Here are a few reflections from the group:

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this cohort! Every minute of our meetings was filled with valuable information and important sharing time.”

“The content of the program was enriching. The speakers were informative. And the entire program had a clear objective: to get the entire family– parents and children– educated and prepared for the processes and emotions involved with the transition to Kindergarten.”

“…the most valuable part of the cohort for me was the feeling of community and support. I find this whole process very challenging, difficult and often times lonely. The cohort is a good reminder to me why I am doing this for my son and why it is so important.”

“…the session on the details of Special Education law was useful and enlightening. To have grounding in the actual rights and intent of IDEA will give us the confidence to stand our ground if necessary in the future. But another vital message was to balance the legal and potentially confrontational side of things with a good dose of collaborative energy and grace.”

“The experiences and support of the group is priceless and no information or webinars can replace relationships and support that are ongoing.”

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