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Meet the Artists

During the All Born (In) Conference, stop by the art sale to see & purchase the work of creators with disabilities.

Morgan Stewart

Locally owned and operated, Morgan’s Store creates handmade bracelets, malas, and woven wares. Made from environmentally conscious semi-precious stones and wooden beads, his thoughtfully designed jewelry are made with love and care. Morgan works with his design team to hand select stones and create memorable art with the business, customer, and environment in mind.

Morgan is an enthusiastic young man who does not allow his autism or blindness to prevent him from seeking his passion of jewelry making. Nearly 9 years ago, Morgan was asked to make malas for his mother’s Buddhist group. From that request, Morgan was exposed to the jewelry making process. With his creativity and talent of precision and dexterity, it took no time for those around him to realize that he was on to something.

Through his craft, Morgan evolved as an independent entrepreneur, and thus Morgan’s Store was created. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Morgan’s Store adds art and depth to the community at large.

Morgan's online store

Shade Milway

Shade is a native born Portlander who recently graduated from CTP Green Thumb. Shade is a fan of movies, and drawing. In fact he draws his own movies. His movies feature some characters you may recognize, some you might not, and some of his own. Shade has been drawing since a very early age and developed his own, recognizable style. He recently began capturing time-lapse photos of himself drawing, and posting them on his YouTube channel (link below). Currently, Shade is working on a secret project (it's a movie).

Shade Draws on YouTube

Marie Blanchard

I have been doing art my whole life. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but that does not stop me from doing anything, including art. I have no limits in life. My art is enjoyment to me, and I have fun doing art! All my art is made in Portland, Oregon. I create greeting cards, ceramic bowls, magnets, and wall hangings, as well as paintings. I have been selling my art at craft fairs since the 6th grade. I’ve sold at a lot of school craft fairs, and six times at the Buckman Art Show. I have had an Etsy shop for nine years. I am taking classes at PCC for a two-year degree. For fun, I love to ride horses, ski, kayak, swim, go out to eat, play computer games, body movement and, of course, do art.  I've started making clay animal tiles glazed with bright colors. I just published my Easy Cooking for Everyone cookbook.

Visit Marie’s Etsy shop

Joy Ross

Joy has been making a variety of hats for about five years. This is something she enjoys very much and looks forward to knit a project as she says it relaxes her. Last year she added 'coffee sleeves' to her repertoire.

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